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Wednesday, 18 April 2007 00:29
TopGear - What's it all about?TopGear - it's a programme about cars, I love it, you love it, we all love it. However, at the moment it's having an identity crisis as to what it should be about. Me being me (that's me; everyone's favourite Jim, not you reading 'me' as you), will explain why, along with my reasoning as to why I think it should go back to how it was.

We all know what happened to Richard 'Hamster' Hammond last year, and this put the last series of TopGear out of kilter with the schedule. They had filmed the majority of the episodes, but weren't prepared to show it until Hammond was better. Unfortunately, they missed the first third of their slot and had to condense material for 9 episodes into 6.

No big deal you might think. Well, the problem was this... all the things that cost a lot of time and money obviously had to stay in, all the cheap stuff was axed. Driving a supercar around the TopGear test track at Dunsfold doesn't cost a lot of money. Building a space shuttle from a Reliant Robin and launching it into the sky, however, does.

So the 6 episodes shown consisted of mainly silly things that the TopGear trio did, rather than car reviews and road tests, which is what the programme is all about.

The last series was more of an entertainment programme featuring cars as opposed to a car programme that's entertaining.

The problem lies here, the last series was also the most watched programme on the BBC, on a par with Eastenders and mostly beating anything else hands down. Although the BBC should provide programming regardless of viewing figures thanks to the unique way the channels are funded, they do have an obligation to show what people want. So if people want sillyness the BBC will have to give it. If people want car reviews, they'll have to give that.

Clarkson is in a quandry, and needs our help - Have a read of this .

I want the old TopGear back, although I enjoyed the last series it wasn't what I want from the programme. I can watch VroomVroom on SkyOne if I wanted to watch people larking about in cars. I'm not a rich guy and don't get the opportunity to drive a plethora of gorgeous supercars, or even bog-standard ones, and therefore look to TopGear to help me form my opinions. How else can I fulfil my role as a blokey bloke and bore my fiancee to death in traffic jams by commenting on the crappy handling of the 3.2 litre V6 Audi TT Quattro sitting in front, the sublime drive of the Aston Martin DB9 sitting behind, and the failings of the Range Rover Sport to my left, when compared to the standard model.

I appreciate television programmes need to evolve, but they shouldn't become things they're not. What would happen if Blue Peter suddenly starting reviewing nothing but video games because that's what the kids love nowadays, if the newsreaders on the BBC News at Ten broadcast the day's happenings whilst topless because men love breasts, or if Eastenders made Dot Cotton's character march around in high heels, fishnet stockings, and a miniskirt because... well just because.

TopGear is predominantly a car review show, giving everyday folk like you and I the opportunity to experience cars we otherwise could only dream of, mind you it's not a bad thing to blow up the odd caravan along the way.

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