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Thursday, 27 July 2006 06:59
Everyone's favourite Jim has spent the last week skiving off work and holidaying in Milan. Why? Because Missus JimmerUK wanted to see some fella called Robbie Williams. Jim on the other hand had plans up his sleeve.

So what do you do if your other half wants to go and see Robbie Williams, but you can't get tickets for Wembley for love nor money? You get tickets in Milan of course! Also, it's a great excuse to go on holiday.

Getting there a couple of days before we decided to have a look at the centre of Milan and see just what the fashion capital of the world had to offer.

Piazza del Duomo

Just off the Piazza del Duomo was the Galleria. A bit posh, and all the shops had to follow a certain format when it came to signage - gold writing on a black background. This was all well and good for the likes of Prada and Mercedes, but McDonalds? It's like trying to paint a turd surely.


Jim decides he really needs a coffee, and sits down at a cafe with shaky hands to recover from Missus JimmerUK's visit to Prada.

Back out in the main square is the fantastic Duomo cathedral. This thing is massive and I don't think there is one flat surface on it that's not carved.

It looks even better at night.

Everyone's favourite Jim goes back to his scouting days to try to locate the Leonardo da Vinci statue in Piazza la Scalla.

A couple of days before the concert I convince Missus JimmerUK (who shall henceforth be known as Laura, for that is her name) to go to the San Siro, as we will then find it easier to get to once we know where it is. Not for any selfish reasons of course, being the home of two of Italy's footballing giants.


Jim and Laura find a nice spot of shade to escape the sun (the burning fireball in space, not the crappy tabloid).

So it comes to the day of the concert. Jim sits and waits for six hours (yes, that's six hours) in the searing heat to see this Robbie Williams character. It made Laura happy, so I suppose that's one thing.


Going out in Milan can be a real pain. You can't find anywhere to eat after 2100 on a Sunday. Also, in Italy it would seem not that many people go drinking on a Monday. Jim and Laura head on down to Cuoso Como, apparently where all the famous people and fashion designers hang out, to find most places closed or closing.

On the last day the intrepid two head up on to the roof of the Duomo cathedral, where the views are stunning.

And this is where the real reason for coming to Milan becomes apparent, and Jim's flawless plan gets put into action. Yes it's true, my faithful JimmerUK fans, everyone's favourite Jim dropped down to one knee and asked Missus JimmerUK to actually become Mrs JimmerUK (although that won't be on the marriage certificate, it would be silly) Oh, she said yes by the way.

Heading back down with happiness in our hearts, and Laura with a stone on her finger the bank manager is yet to find out about, we found a lovely restaurant in Via Mercanti and ordered some champagne.

With all the excitement we decided it was time to head home "Andiamo e casa" I impressively said to Laura.

Here's the obligatory shot from an aeroplane window.

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congrats jimbo, did you get nervous before you asked?

Yeah, it's only natural I suppose. I was on edge all week, and just wanted to
get it over and done with, but being the romantic guy that I am I waited for the
right moment (unfortunately it was right at the bloody end of the holiday).

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