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Saturday, 18 February 2006 13:28
What to do when you have a bunch of people round, loads of alcohol, and no work the next day? Get naked and dance around whilst smothering marmalade over each other! Hmph, that idea didn't go down too well on the night either, but Raf the Science Gimp introduced us to a drinking game which non of us had ever played before, so we did that instead.

Drinking games are all about getting drunk. "D'ur" you might say, if you were a retard or as might be the case you were indicating that I had just stated the obvious, but think about it........a lot of drinking games get bogged down in complicated rules. You might have to waggle your left hand by your right ear whilst saying a tongue twister and standing on someone else's knee and baring your bottom. Although that may be fun, that's the kind of thing I do once I'm drunk, not normally what I do to get drunk. To get drunk I......(get ready, this is earth shattering).......DRINK!

So, it was with awe and wonderment that Raf the Science Gimp explained the rules to the wonderful game he lovingly calls Hundreds.

  1. Have a lot of beer ready.
  2. Have some shot glasses.
  3. Have one hundred minutes of free time.
  4. Drink one shot of beer every minute.
  5. Erm...that's it.
"A shot of beer?! That's not a lot" you might shout out, and in reply I would say "Stop shouting!" I would then go on to say that actually, it is quite a lot. Over the course of 100 minutes you would have (presumably) consumed 100 shots of beer (had a lot of it not ended up covering your jumper, or running down your chin. The average shot glass can hold 25ml, so 100 x 25 = 2500ml or two and a half litres of beer. With the average can of beer coming in at 440ml it means you would have drunk 5.68 cans of beer....over the course of 100 minutes, or (for fans of the alternative) 1h 40m. The equivalent of one can of beer every 17m40s. That's quite a bit.

That's the science over, let's get down to the drinking.

So, you need to start off with some shot glasses full of beer. I would suggest pouring out more beer than you need, so you always have some ready to drink. Sixty seconds is not a long time.

Shots of beer

Now drink! By the time you take a drink, have a laugh, pour more (always spilling some) the 60 seconds have elapsed and you start the process again.

Number one of many

After a while, your vision will be something like this, it's not pretty.

Blurry vision

After even longer, your bin will start to look something like this. Puts it in perspective doesn't it.

A lot of beer cans

Warning! Everyone's favourite Jim and his cronies are seasoned professional drinkers. Do not attempt this stunt unless you want to get very, very drunk. It might make you dance like you are a gay (either that or Raf desperately needed the toilet).

Raf shakin' his thang

So there we have it. One drinking game successfully completed, and a lot of people who seem to be very pleased with themselves. Do try this at home, it's fun.

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Seems liek you had a good night then! I hope you had a bit more to drink than
that though!

Yipppeee Skipppeeee Posted by Victoria 2006-04-01 10:11:49
I tried this at home and it worked, although i must be a bit thicker skinned
than yourselves as i managed to down a few bottles of peach schnapps in that
very same way!!! whooooppppppeeeeee ( still drunk 2 days later!!) :? :roll :p

Peach Schnapps?! Posted by JimmerUK 2006-04-04 03:26:36
That's nothing. I can drink peach schnapps all day long without getting drunk.
Try absinthe :p

Absinthe the original Sin! Posted by Bnekai 2006-10-26 09:55:17
I drank that a few years ago :o( Never again! Sent me mental!

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