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Sunday, 15 October 2006 17:00
Catfood vs DogfoodBeing a bit of a science-fiction/comedy geek everyone's favourite Jim is a big fan of Red Dwarf. So watching Red Dwarf Smeg Ups on VHS (yes they're still around) Kryten was asked if Craig Charles actually ate dogfood in 'Marooned'. The answer was negative "It was catfood". Ever on the lookout for an excuse for science, JimmerUK set out to see if the right choice was made.

Something I found out during some 'research' for this, all meat is categorised by the quality of the carcasses used. Top grade is A, the worst is E. Pet food sits, somewhat unsurprisingly at D, but get this... McDonalds meat is category E. That could be an article in it's own right.


This was all a bit of a giggle from the start. I I had the idea and it was funny. I told all my buddies, "I'm going to eat petfood" and they laughed. I bought the stuff, laughing like a loon, (the cashier at Sainsbury's gave me a funny look, obviously not knowing I didn't have pets). This was all a big joke... until I opened up the first tin.

Whiskas - with chicken.

Whiskers Catfood

Probably the most famous brand of catfood in the country if not the world, so it's got to be the best, but is it the best tasting? A quick look at the label shows a happy, smiley, contented cat. The implication is he's just yummed up a tin of this stuff, labeled as "Supermeat", but quite what that means I don't know.

I look at the ingredients.

Meat and animal derivates (including min 4% chicken), minerals.

Only 4% chicken?! Is this "Supermeat" really hard to get hold of then? 4% of anything does not maketh a meal, how they can get away with saying this has meat in is unbelievable.

So what's the other 96%?

ANALYSIS (%): Protein 9.5 / Oil 3.5 / Ash 2 / Fibre 0.3 / Moisture 83 / Vitamin E 8mg/kg.

Hang on... ash?! There's half as much ash in this catfood as there is meat! Shouldn't they label this "Chicken & Ash Flavour"? And what's this 83% "Moisture" nonsense. If something's 83% water, it should never be described as "moisture" which hints at only a little bit of water. This catfood is a drink with bits in, more Cat-a-Cup-a-Soup than food.

Sloppy catfood

Fuck it, if I read too much into this I'm never going to eat it.

Eating the catfood

This was my first time eating catfood, so I had nothing to compare it against, other than normal human food, so I have no idea what to expect. On first inspection, it didn't look so bad, but it did have a distinctive smell. It was covered in a tonne of nasty looking jelly though.

Let's eat it.

Yummy yummy catfood

Yummy yummy catfood

Holy crap! That's bad. Cat's certainly should know the difference, between this shit and real food.

Actually, on second thoughts it wasn't as bad as I expected. It tasted like watery corned beef only with some little bits of crunchyness that I don't know what the hell they were. Remember though, this was meant to be chicken. I like chicken, and was prepare to give the catfood another try, so I went in for another bite.

Admittedly it didn't get any better, but it didn't get any worse.

So we added the Felix Crisp Crunchy Topping which apparently comes with Tasty Meat.

Felix catbuscuits

The ingredients are not much different, 4% meat in each little "nugget" (cunningly shaped letters to spell FELIX), but the analysis shows there's 9.5% ash. That's more than double the meat! This should be labeled "With Disgusting Ash" instead of "with Tasty Meat".

Felix catbuscuits

It certainly makes the food look better, adds a bit of colour, but whether it tastes any good is another matter.

Felix catbuscuits

Surprisingly, it's better. A lot better. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't eat this for dinner, but it's a lot better than the meat on it's own, and it didn't make me want to retch, (although the same couldn't be said of Missus JimmerUK).

Now it's time for the point of this so called experiment, the comparison... Dog food.

So what about some dog food eating fun...
Dogs eat absolutely anything. As a child I had a dog, and I distinctly remember one occasion when my little sister did a poo on the potty. Mum wasn't swift enough to clean it away, but the dog was. He ran over there, took a sniff, and yummed up that kiddy turd like it was tasty chunk of juicy, fresh meat. Dogs also regularly lick their own testicles. So surely the guys at Pedigree Chum aren't going to give too much of a shit about what the food tastes like. Let's find out.

Pedigree - with chicken in Jelly.

Pedigree Chum

Pedigree Chum

Yummy scrummy dogfood

A quick glance at the ingredients shows them to be pretty much identical to the catfood, minimum of 4% fresh meat with other 'Meat and animal derivatives'. It does have more ash than the catfood (2.5%) but less moisture (only 80%), but it does have 5mg/kg of Copper Sulphate... why?

Yummy scrummy dogfood


Dog food is some nasty shit. Having eaten it, I don't think I would even feed it to my dog, if I had one. I might even consider buying a dog just so he doesn't have to be forced to eat this crap. It's that bad.

This stuff was meant to be Chicken in Jelly, "made with fresh meat". It wasn't. This tasted like beef, but it was meant to be chicken for Christ's sake! This was really bad. God awful, fucking bad. I went in for another mouthful, but couldn't do it, I spat it right out. I'm not normally a sweary person, but fucking hell. I can now see why dogs lick their own bollocks, it's to get rid of the taste of the dog food.

Next up are the Pedigree Milky Biscuits.

Chewy doggy biscuits

Supposedly "light and tasty" these "delicious milky bones" are less than 5% fat. Diet biscuits for dogs It's meant to be "rich in calcium" but only contains 4%. What's the technical definition of "rich"? If it's 4% surely these biscuits are also rich in ash as they contain an alarming 14%.

Let's have a bit.

Chewy doggy biscuits

Chewy doggy biscuits

Hmmmmm... interesting. These don't actually have a taste (which is a relief after the supposedly delicious chunks of meaty goodness). They're certainly not tasty in any way, shape, or form, more of a dry dough kind of deal. They don't taste good, but they don't taste bad.

Two yummy dinners

So that's pretty conclusive. Catfood tastes better than dogfood. Science at work. Catfood is offensive, and I shan't be eating it again anytime soon, but if it was a choice between catfood, dogfood, and death... I'd eat the catfood. If it was dogfood and death, I'd rather die.

Surely there can't be anything worse than dogfood. Is there? Maybe...

So what's worse than dogfood?
Sainsbury's pot noodle

Pot noodly noodles

Pot Noodle, and not just any old Pot Noodle, this is Sainsbury's own brand Beef & Tomato. Let's give it a go.

It's not so good

This is bad, bad, bad. I can now see why mad old ladies eat catfood instead of cheap shit like this. This just has no taste to it, it's just water with ribbons of nothing, there is a bit of a smell however, but it's not a good one, more like rancid tomatoes than beef and tomato.

To quote Red Dwarf:

LISTER: We're going to die, aren't we?  How much food is there?
RIMMER: There's half a bag of soggy Smoky Bacon Crisps, a tin of mustard powder, a brown lemon, three water biscuits, two bottles of vinegar and a tube of Bonjella gum ointment.
LISTER: That's it?  There's nothing else?
RIMMER: Just a Pot Noodle.  Oh, and I found a tin of dog food in the tool cupboard
LISTER: (Sighs.) Well.  Pretty obvious what gets eaten last.  I can't stand Pot Noodles.

That's it folks, I have a sudden urge to sniff Missus JimmerUK's bottom, right after I lick my own balls.

Enjoy the 'making of' video below.



Fame Corner
Here I am on Channel4's Thisisaknife albeit for half a second.

I was also featured on British Forces Radio, but unfortunately didn't get the email until too late, so missed out on doing an interview. Boooo.

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That\'s some nasty stuff buddy! But respect for doing it!

By the
way, the ash in the food is probably the best and most nutritious part of the
whole lot:

Yo u're still a loon
though! :p

Yeah, admittedly I did already know that about the ash, but I thought it took
away from the 'feel' of the article :p

I can still taste this shit

thats some really gross stuff but in a way, i think it was certainly necessary
for someone to try that experiment out, and who better then the famous jimmeruk
to provide once again the answer to life problems.

Thanks for trying that out
so I or many others wont feel the need to.

Dude... Posted by CongoJoe 2006-10-18 11:45:39
Thats some disgusting shit!!! I mean... how do you live with yourself? Did you
not go to the hospital after? Surely you cant have eaten a pot noodle and not
still be healthy :p

I like the google ad's

p.s. I dont want to sound
like a girl or anything but have you lost weight?

Pot Noodles are bad Posted by JimmerUK 2006-10-18 15:23:14
Am trying to think the last time I saw you Joe, was it poker night? Anyways,
yeah, lost a stone from puking up all the Pot Noodles. Seriously though, had a
bit of a health scare a good 8-9 months back, and it made me think about things,
so started looking after myself. Tis great, I feel 20 again

Question Posted by Toonami 2006-10-18 17:02:38
After watching your "experiment". Is Missus JimmerUK still interested
in being married to you??? :grin

Better than Telly Posted by King Nutter 2006-10-20 10:49:39
Compulsive viewing, funny payoff but I'm not sure what science it was in the
name of.

You should have tried a few premium brands like that cat food in the
little pots that they put the parsley on in the adverts.

Did you do white
poos the next day?

On the pavement?

I've looked into the whole "Grade D" "Grade E" mess and it turns
out the whole thing is a farce. The USDA (which has produced the majority of
European beef during and since the lift of the ban on sale of European beef)
does NOT assign letter grades. Grading is, in fact, totally voluntary on the
part of the distributer, and grades are the familiar shield saying USDA Select,
Choice, or Select, as well as medium grades, Standard and Commercial, most of
which are unlabled and sold as most packaged cuts of meat. Finally the grades
Utility, Cutter, and Canner are the infamous meats typically not sold as cuts
but are rather processed into ground beef, hot dogs, or most lowly
"processed beef products". But the whole letter grade nonsense is a
complete myth.

Ash in kitties Posted by Jen 2006-10-20 20:24:41
"That\'s some nasty stuff buddy! But respect for doing it! By the way,
the ash in the food is probably the best and most nutritious part of the whole
lot: You're still a loon

Actually I was told by my vet that it can be bad for some cats
(One of my 3 kitties had something wrong with his unrinary tract, bleeding and
bathroom troubles and the like) and they said it was caused mostly by the ash in
his food. When we switched to another brand (I believe whiskas), he was cleared
up and he's been fine ever since.

you Posted by me 2006-10-21 15:13:16

cat foods Posted by Sar 2006-10-23 04:55:53
Interesting - but... I wouldn't feed my cat Whiskas for anyone. What you really
have to do now is compile a taste comparison BETWEEN cat foods. How do the
premium 90% meat packets compare with Tesco's own... That, I want to see, but
not do... If you're telling me they're both much of a like then I can stop
shelling out so much for the furry mutt and get her the cheap shit.

My days of eating petfood are over. I'm not overly concerned about the taste
difference between types of catfood, in fact I don't want to think about eating
any pet food again :cry

This brings back memories.... Posted by amateursurgeon 2006-10-24 17:39:27
Of sitting in my school dining hall, aged 15, with another fool eating catfood,
out of a tin on cream crackers. It wasn't too bad actually.

Not good with
strawberry yoghurt though :upset

We had prefects coming up to us asking
if we were "ok". :grin

haha man you rock. respect

T-shirt? Posted by Phrage 2006-11-01 04:30:20
What does the t-shirt say! I can't read it, looks seriously cool though

The t-shirt says NPA - National Pimps Association, and has a logo of a pimp in
the same style as NBA, or any other American sport association. It has it on the
back too, but a lot bigger. I like it, got it on holiday in the States.

jomama Posted by Jorgen 2006-11-02 13:44:51


Good For You Posted by Name 2006-11-14 10:28:37
It's so nice to see the mentally handicapped doing things on their own.

more science... Posted by curious 2006-11-19 10:49:03
Have you tried heating the pet foods up? I bet they'd be better that way than
cold out of the can.

You are a numb nutz Posted by Al Colholic 2010-07-26 15:43:35
Hey, I gotta take a dump - wanna eat that too, dumbshit?

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things in your post. MangaFox

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