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Friday, 11 September 2009 00:00

Ikea drama antics, woman with moustaches, Ferris Bueller, exploding couches, flying men, robot hands and moreDid you know I can go back in time? Well it's true. I can do stuff back in the past and no one will ever notice. You're reading this now, but I did it then, but not when you thought I did. Magic. Anyway, don't read this shit, click the link and look at all the wonderful stuff I've found especially for you. 

This week: Ikea drama antics, woman with moustaches, Ferris Bueller, exploding couches, flying men, robot hands and more. 

Ikea Heights
Ikea Heights is a melodrama shot entirely in the Burbank California branch of Ikea without the store knowing. It's clever and funny all at the same time.

Women with Moustaches
There's nothing I like more than having my lip tickled with some fine hair when kissing a girl. That's why I prefer women with moustaches. These fine specimens of beauty have been collated on a a website for all to enjoy.

Three Frames
Here's a great idea: take three consecutive frames from a movie then loop them in a gif. It put some movies in a different perspective. Certainly not for the epileptic.

AT-AT Cake
You know who your friends are when they make you a cake, and you know your friends come from a design school when you get an AT-AT cake that looks like the real thing. I wish these were my friends.

Instant Bueller
Anyone of my age will know the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and most will have at one stage in their lives said 'Bueller? Bueller?' when awaiting a response to something. Now, put away your bad impressions, you don't need to do them any more.

Bad Fairground Art
We've all been to some dodgy fairgrounds in our time and seen some crazy shit like this.

Cool Zombie Game
ARhrrrr is an augmented reality shooter for mobile camera-phones. The phone provides a window into a 3d town overrun with zombies. Point the camera at the special game map to mix virtual and real world content. Awesome concept.
Couch Explosion
These guys have a spare airbag and decide to set it off underneath one of the cushions in their couch. Spectacular height is achieved by the unwary seated man.

Flying Man
How would you react if you were driving along very fast and all of a sudden a flying guy pulls up alongside? I'd probably laugh a lot too.

Robot Hand
A robot hand like no other. This one can throw, catch, tie knots, and dribble ping-pong balls. It's quite simply amazing.

Cat Lift
So you live quite high up in a block of flats, and you own a cat. How do you get him in? Like this.

Bait Car
A TV show in America provides entertainment by leaving a car at the side of the road with the keys in hoping to attract opportunist thieves. It works, but I can't help but think these two kids were only up for a giggle and took the opportunity that was presented to them. Shouldn't the police be out catching real criminals?

Semantic Wars
This is a cool castle defence game with a twist. You guess letters, like hangman, to make words which give you money for soldiers. Quite addictive, and looks great too.

It's said that only women can do more than one thing at a time, well now's your chance to prove that old saying wrong. This game has you playing several mini-games all at the same time. It's very difficult. 

Thing I Learnt this week

Tomatoes are a member of the deadly nightshade family and can be poisonous.
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