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Friday, 13 April 2007 01:00
BeaversNot a conscious effort, but this week seems to have turned itself into Animal Cruelty Week. Sometimes these moments of genius just happen, they're not planned. Before you all start complaining and whining I must state that during the course of creating this week's Roundup no animals were harmed, but a lot of laughs were had at their expense.

This week: Beavers, cats, squirrels, monkeys, elephants and more

Beaver PC
So, starting off the cruelty to animals theme we find someone has put a working PC into a dead stuffed beaver. I don't know why, I don't suppose they know why. It's been done though, and is a thing of beauty.

Meme Cats
You all know that I can't get enough of cats. You've all seen the cats I featured a few weeks back, but here are some more. If the internet was nothing but funny cats (and maybe porn) I would be a happy guy.

Virtual Drumkit
Carying on from last week's musical tools, here's a virtual drumkit. Pretty self explanatory. Enjoy.
Voodoo Doll
Another virtual, this time it's a virtual voodoo doll. Type in the name of someone you don't like, then choose their hair colour, then you can pin them, cut them open, dip them in acid, and even throw them off a building... virtually of course.
Big Car Kit
Taking car modding to the next level, these guys decided to build a full size car model kit, including the bottles of paint, brush, and knife.

You Snooze, You lose
It's an age old saying, but never has it been truer than now if you own the SnuzNLuz alarm clock. The clock connects to your bank account via WiFi, and everytime you hit the snooze button it will donate an amount of money to a charity you hate. Now if that's not enough motivation to get up, then I don't know what is.

Cute Monkey
A female ventriloquist and her little monkey. No it's not rude it's a quite funny sketch. (it's not that cruel even though she's got her hand up his bottom... it's a puppet).

Squirrel Catapult
This does what it says on the tin... the tin collinder that's used as a squirrel catapult that is. Now before you start getting all "you're condoning hurting small animals" on me, squirrels are a type of rat and are officially classed as vermin. Enjoy the video.

Electrocuted Elephant
Continuing the cruelty to animals theme here's a short video of an elephant being electrocuted. Made by Thomas Edison in 1903, this elephant apparently killed three people, and had a really crap defence lawyer.

Clever Drunk Driver
A woman police officer has pulled over a guy who she suspects of driving whilst drunk. She just needs to prove it. Funny.

How to Cut Glass with Scissors
This was too interesting not to put in this week. This guy cuts a piece of glass into little slices with nothing more than a pair of scissors, like it was paper. It's true and involves the use of science. One for the Gimp I think.

Free Money From Coke
If you're ever stuck of a bit of change and there's a Coke machine around, don't bother buying some chewing gum with a £20 note, just walk up to the Coke machine press a few buttons and hey presto.


A remake of the classic Breakout where you bounce a ball off your paddle to break the walls, with a cool modern twist. Fast and addictive.

Storm the House 2
A great litte frustrating game where you defend your house against a horde of baddies. Don't let the monotony of the first day put you off, things start getting crayzee after that. At the end of the day you get to repair your wall, hire mercenaries, and buy bigger and badder weapons. Yay.

So that's your lot this week. Remember kids, don't try harming animals at home purely for fun sake... if you put a white coat on you can pretend it's for science. Oh, and video it so you can enjoy it again and again, long after the little vermin are decomposing in the ground.

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