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Friday, 04 September 2009 00:00

Internet roundup - number fifteenWow! Three in a row, and this one is actually being published on a Friday, as opposed to being published on a Sunday or Monday and backdated. I'm really getting into the swing of things again, and I hope you appreciate it. You can show your appreciation by giving me money, or at the very least clicking on some adverts or something. Go on, you know you want to.

This week: Be a doll, funny signs, Dec's anal antics, triple-x-factor, egg in an egg, how they make bacon, best beer advert, and more. 

Be a Doll
We all know how much fun it is to play around with Action Man and Barbie, and sometimes make them play 'together'. Well, what if you yourself could play with Barbie? No, I don't mean anything like drilling holes, but if you had a doll of yourself, you could arrange them into strange positions and your dreams would be fulfilled. So, how do you go about getting a doll of yourself? Start here.

Funny Signs
Here's a collection of signs from around the world that range from clever, silly, obvious, and nonsensical. They're not your usual batch, and you probably haven't seen them before, unless you live near them of course.

Hidden Images in HTML
It's been noted that the source code for the Fujitsu website is really badly done, and there's a lot more of it than should be necessary. However, it's further been discovered that the source code is like that for a reason, a pretty amazing reason at that.

Why Newspapers Should Proof
As you'll probably know, newspapers print different editions throughout the day to make sure they always have the latest news for you to read. When they change something, you'd think they'd check it before it goes to print. Alas, it would appear not, as this week the Daily Express unintentionally accused Ant & Dec of of anal antics.

Bruiser - A Street Sweeper's Tales
These are the memoirs of a street sweeper. Not a very exciting prospect you might think, but wait until you listen to his tales of being mugged, chased by raccoons, finding corpses, and racing sweeper trucks. Yeah!

Ultimate Star Wars House
I thought I was a bit of a Star Wars geek, admittedly not as much of a geek as I'd like to be thanks to the missus, but a geek nonetheless. That was until I saw this guy's house. I want to be him, well actually not be him as he is probably a virgin living in his mother's basement, but I want his stuff.

Triple X-Factor

Poor Steve is left wondering why the crowd are getting so excited about his audition before he's even sung a note. Well Steve, it probably has something to do with the massive erection you're sporting in your trousers.

An Egg in an Egg
Yes folks you heard it right here, this guy has chickens and one of them laid a massive egg (ouch). On cracking open the massive egg there was another, regular egg inside! Watch the video, then read that it happens more often than you'd think.

How They Make Bacon
Keeping with the breakfast foodstuff theme, here's a video showing how they make bacon. Admittedly it's not the juicy European kind I know and love, but the shitty American bacon which nobody likes, but I'm assuming the process is about the same. Hmmm, bacon.

Following on from the demolition game I posted the other week, here's video of how the professionals do it. Strangely hypnotising.

Best Beer Advert Ever
It's a shame this kind of thing isn't really allowed on TV, I know I'd buy a lot more stuff if adverts were like this. Remember that Neutrogena advert where the girl in the shower showed her nipples? That didn't last long before people complained. I bought a lot of Neutrogena though.

How to Sell Y-fronts
I know I'd like to see more of this kind of thing, women in the place of men. C'mon underpants advertisers, make it happen.

This game is brilliant. You're a little owl that you control with your mouse in this top to bottom arcade scroller. You have to shoot everything that comes in your path. Now for the twist, you need to look after a giant flying cat. You pick him up and drag him out of harm's way, feed him cake, and squeeze him to release 'mega burps'. Sounds bizarre but is genius.

Name Body Parts
The premise is simple; There are 10 body parts whose common names are spelled with only three letters. How many of them can you name in 2 minutes? No slang is allowed. After 2 minutes, the correct answers will appear so you can see which ones you've missed. I got seven.

Thing I Learnt this week

Lady Gaga is quite possibly a hermaphrodite. She recently accidentally (possibly) displayed her little winky at the Glastonbury festival on BBCthree.
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