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Friday, 06 April 2007 01:00
Internet Roundup 8It's taken eight editions of the Internet Roundup, and the funny quotes have gone. You may well miss them but let's be honest, they weren't all that funny and were just a little something to pop on the bottom. So now I put it to you... what should go at the bottom if anything at all? Suggestions can include a small lump of red leicester, Lord Lucan, or a 20p voucher for Tesco. They're my suggestions, you can do better.

This week: Space shuttles, Bad predictions, Lazy Disney, Armadillos, Hungry bears, Kittens, Lemmings and more

You Were Cupped!
What would you do if you came back from holiday to find 2040 polystyrene cups covering your abode? I don't know either, but looking at these pictures I should imagine that I'd probably have a nervous breakdown, especially when I discovered that they all contained water.

Music Maestro
Remember a few weeks back when I featured a video of the Reactable - a music table which created sounds, notes, and beats depending on objects placed on the table? Well, this is a real basic software version of that. You can move the instruments onto the circles (volume is controlled by the distance from the centre), you can also move the main set of circles around. Bonus Link: After you've done that have a look at this 3D graphic equaliser which you can move around. Good tune too.

Could He Be More Wrong?
Would you believe that back in 1977 Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp. said "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." Ha! What a mug. Read on for more quotes from people who's crystal balls obviously weren't working properly.
Space Shuttle Construction
Space shuttles are big, you can't just build them in your garage you know, well you can if you're America and your garage is NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building which is so big it has it's own weather inside! Anyway, these photos show how they do it.
Disney Recycle Animation
So I found the YTMND link and thought "Bloody hell!" So decided to delve a bit deeper and found found another page with more pictures . I don't know why Disney do it, surely it's just as difficult as starting from scratch?

Peddle Rollercoaster
I love rollercoasters, you love rollercoasters, hell everyone loves rollercoasters. Would you still love rollercoasters if you had to peddle them yourself? No, me neither.

How to Unlock a Car with a Tennis Ball
I'm not sure how true this is, but this video shows you how to unlock a centrally locked car with nothing more than a tennis ball.

Remember the old Dime Bar adverts from years ago featuring Harry Enfield? If the answer is yes then you'd enjoy watching this, if the answer is no watch it anyway and you'll see the genius of Mr Enfield.

Crazy 747 Landing
A Kai Tai pilot decides that landing in a straight line is far too easy, so he comes at the Hong Kong runway side on, turning at the last second! Arrggh!

Hungry Bears
You'd imagine that bears at feeding time would be a little bit lazy and just pick up the fish when they want to, not so. These bears want fish and they want it bad, even going so far as to attract people's attention by waving and calling out "hello"!

Kitten Feeding Time
You thought feeding the bears was bad? Imagine if you had 10 kittens and they knew it was feeding time, imagine no more my friends this is what life would be like... all the time!

Bowling Ball Accident
How can you make a bowling ball fly? Throw it from a moving car toward a skateboard ramp! Yay! Good idea! Or is it?...

The Impossible Quiz
Here's a quiz with a difference, it's silly. Some of the questions are quite clever, others are infuriating. I'm not sure if it's impossible yet as I haven't finished it, that could mean it IS impossible or it could just mean that I haven't wasted enough time on it.

DHTML Lemmings
Old school Lemmings just as you remember, however this is all written in DHTML. Don't know what DHTML is? Don't worry, just understand that this is all very clever.

Here we are at the end of yet another week of internet nonsense. JimmerUK surfs the web for stuff so you don't have to.

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