Number Twelve - Happy New Year PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 11 January 2008 00:00

Number Twelve - Happy New YearHey look! It's 2008! It's the time of year for forgiveness and resolutions. Forgiveness from you guys because I haven't updated the site in months, and resolutions from me because I plan to keep it more up to date. I have a lot of things in the pipeline for the site, more crayzee experiments, more crayzee videos, and more crayzee erm... crayzeeness. So sit back, enjoy, this is the shape of things to come.

This week: Parent's Guide to the Net, Tiger Piglets, Lyrics finder, Lip Dub, Groovy dancing girl and more.
Number Eleven - No Excuses PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 10 August 2007 01:00

Number Eleven - No ExcusesI'm not even going to insult anyone's intelligence by coming up with excuses for the two-month hiatus my weekly roundup of the internet has taken. I'll let you come up with an excuse for yourselves. Maybe something involving monkeys, cheese, a bear-trap, half a pound of tupenny-rice, and a jar of pickled herrings. Answers on a postcard to the usual address. Needless to say, I won't let it happen again. *Not a genuine promise.

This week: Faceball, supid inventions, important research, love on the northern line, fighting bible characters and more.
Number Ten - Define a Week PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 25 May 2007 01:00

Arrggghh! It's a big pink rabbit!Ok, so I know it's been over a month since the last weekly installment of my Internet Roundup, but what is a week? Is a week a period of seven days or is it a period of time in someone's reality stipulated by the life-changing events that happen within that time that define people as human beings, justifying their existence and proving their self-worth? Ok, seven days it is.

This week: Dead pink rabbits, scary blimps, beer rules, breakdancing baby, prank calls and more
Number Nine - Animal Cruelty Week PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 13 April 2007 01:00
BeaversNot a conscious effort, but this week seems to have turned itself into Animal Cruelty Week. Sometimes these moments of genius just happen, they're not planned. Before you all start complaining and whining I must state that during the course of creating this week's Roundup no animals were harmed, but a lot of laughs were had at their expense.

This week: Beavers, cats, squirrels, monkeys, elephants and more
Number Eight - No More Quotes PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 April 2007 01:00
Internet Roundup 8It's taken eight editions of the Internet Roundup, and the funny quotes have gone. You may well miss them but let's be honest, they weren't all that funny and were just a little something to pop on the bottom. So now I put it to you... what should go at the bottom if anything at all? Suggestions can include a small lump of red leicester, Lord Lucan, or a 20p voucher for Tesco. They're my suggestions, you can do better.

This week: Space shuttles, Bad predictions, Lazy Disney, Armadillos, Hungry bears, Kittens, Lemmings and more
Number Seven - I'm an Internet Whore PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 March 2007 01:00
I'm an Internet WhoreDon't look at me! Don't look at me! I'm so shy! What's up with some people on the internet? They treat it like some kind of diary, moaning about their teenage angst, whining about their miserable lives and how depressed they are when they've only been on the planet for next to no time. People, people, the internet is for sillyness and fun, like this:

This week: Internet Cam Whores, Nickleback trot, Expensive Amazon, Men in coats, Farting Pigs, Women drivers and more
Number Six - [Insert Funny Title Here] PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 16 March 2007 01:00
Number SixWhat a glorious week we're having, and the weather men think it's going to snow! I think all weathermen, psychics, and Daily Sport journalists went to the same school to learn how to make stuff up. Anyways...

This week: Bunny butchering, big blue whales, stoopid girls, co-worker attacks, snowballs, and much more
Number Five - Nothing Funnier than Cats PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 09 February 2007 00:00
Number Five - Nothing Funnier than CatsI'd like someone to sow me something that is funnier than cats. Cat pictures? Hilarious. Cat videos? Genuinely laugh out loud funny, on the verge of urinating in one's own trousers. I don't know why, but I can be having a really shit day and I can see a funny cat and it makes the world seem right. I think instead of sending soldiers into Iraq, just send funny cats. The world would be a better place.

This week: Funny Cats, Funny Baby, Big Boxes, Magic, Spiders, Sand, and more.
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